Candian Dream (2011)

When Amar immigrated to Canada, he brought with him his many hopes and dreams for the future. But little does he know that his future is to bring an unexpected change. After Amar is kicked out by his wife, he discovers a new family in the dark world of the mafia. After the sudden death of the gangs notorious leader Khan, Amar quickly moves in and takes over to create a new version of the Canadian Dream.

Cast & Crew
Banner: White Hill Production Inc.
Status: Released (Limited)
Release Date: March 26, 2011
Language: English/Punjabi
Genre: Drama/Action/Crime
Producer: Manmord Sidhu | Vikram Parmar
Director: Manmord Sidhu
Star Cast: Vic Parmar | Preet Cheema | Poonam Sandhu | Kam Dhillon | Devinder Dhillon | Balinder Johal | Ajit Shrivastva | Jasbir Sandhu | Bobby Rai | Dashmesh Gill | Aditya Sood
Music: Kendall Johnson
Director of Photography: Avishek Shovakar
Editor: Brent J. Rubin
Screenplay: Manmord Sidhu | Vikram Parmar

Coming Soon

1.) Manmord Sidhu's Canadian Dream releases on 26th March.

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