Martyrs (2011) - A Docu Feature on Sikh History

Martyrs (2011)
Martyrs is docu feature which starts with the basic introduction to Sikhism and the Ten Gurus. It then picks up from the mid seventeenth century when Aurangzeb took over the reigns of mughal empire and talks about Guru Tegh Bahadur's great sacrifice followed by other great Sikh Martyrs.The film connects the past to the present.

AKA (also known as) 

90 mins

Cast & Crew
Banner: Sikh Media Society | Samundri Creations
Status: In Production
Release Date: December 2011 (Limited)
Language: English | Punjabi | Spanish
Genre: Animation | History | Adventure
Producer: Jagmeet Singh Samundri
Director: Jagmeet Singh Samundri
Star Cast (Voiceover): Mayur Suvarna | Harjit Walia | Ranjeet Singh | Mangal Singh
Cinematographer: Anil Dhanda
VFX Supervisors: Nitin Kapoor | Kuldeep Singh
Sound Design: Madhav Ajgaonkar
Background Score: Madhav Ajgaonkar
Final Sound Mixing: Hassan Sheikh
Writer: Jagmeet Singh Samundri

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