Rahe Chardi Kala Punjab Di (2012)

Rahe Chardi Kala Punjab Di (2012)

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Release Date
May 25, 2012
  161 Minutes
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A Sikh family goes on pilgrimage to Lahore with their children - A bomb blast separates the family where their younger daughter goes missing- they return back to India with their son. A muslim couple finds the girl and adopts her as their own child. Years pass by the young girl grows up. She goes to London for studies Where she marries a Sikh boy.
Meanwhile her younger brother saru grows up as a young man in India he sees young people around him indulging in drugs and families involved in abortion killing the girl child. Saru raises his voice against all this evil.
Saru falls in love with a girl but she leaves him for another boy who is a politician’s son. Saru has a friend who is a taxi driver and he takes Saru for Karseva at Goindwal where he finds a girl who has come from Pakistan in search for her husband. Saru in turn tries to help her.

Who is this Pakistani girl ? Will Saru be able to help her?

Cast and Crew

Banner: Bohra Bros Production Pvt. Ltd. | H.K. Movies
Language: Punjabi
Genre: Drama
Producer: Jasvir Singh Sidhu
Director: Shapinder Saini
Star Cast: Dakssh Ajit Singh | Prabhleen Sandhu | Jimmy Sharma | Sapna Thakur | Shakti Kapoor
Cassettes and CD's on: BB Music Studio
Lyricist: Babu Singh Mann
Music Director: Surinder Bachan
Cinematography: Naren Gedia
Choreography: Pappu Khanna
Story/Writer: Shapinder Saini


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