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Jatt and Juliet
Jatt and Juliet is a rollicking romantic comedy, the kind that has not been seen in Punjabi cinema before. Just as the title suggests, there is a Jatt – a naughty, roguish yet lovable desi guy – and there is a Juliet – a modern Punjabi ‘kudi’ with loads of sophistication.

They are two completely different people from two different worlds. Both are leading their own comfortable lives until their paths cross when they are on their way to Canada– and this is where the fun begins! Juliet hates Jatt’s desi, unsophisticated ways and Jatt can’t stand Juliet’s ‘nakhras’. The two fight and argue and go their separate ways. But life has other plans and brings them back again and again.

Their constant fights and arguments soon develop into a friendship where they try to help each other as they realise that ‘begaane mulk che Punjabi hi Punjabi de kamm aunda hai’! However, what they hide from each other is the fact they are helping each other purely for selfish reasons and they don’t really care about each other.

However, life has planned another twist for them. As their interaction and friendship grows, they start caring for each other. They realise the true depth and extent of this friendship only when it is time for them to part.

As they say, the feeling of love is strongest at the point of separation, same is the case with our Jatt and Juliet as they realise that they have fallen in love without realising it. But now that they have realised their true feelings for each other, it is too late for them.

OR is it? Life wants to give them another chance to get together but that can happen only if they stop arguing and fighting with each other! Because even at the most poignant and emotional of moments, they can’t resist fighting with each other just as friends do and this, exactly, is the essence of their love.

So Jatt and Juliet is a love story where the Jatt and the Juliet will love each other only if they can stop fighting!!! Go and watch it on 29th June 2012 and you might just end up wishing that you too had a love story like this!!

Source - Punjab Newsline


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