Definitely not a Fukra!

Image Courtesy - Diljit Singh Dosanjh
The sudden change (for good) in the recent Punjabi cinema is so obvious that it is almost tangible. Gone are the days when Punjabi movies told tales of clichéd single dimensional, un-relatable, over hyped and ego maniacal “heroes”. Don’t believe me? Go watch Jatt and Juliet.

This sublime comedy boasts of a strong script by Dheeraj Rattan, an innovative direction by Anurag Singh and a breathtaking portrayal of characters by Neeru Bajwa and Diljit Singh Dosanjh. I ended the above sentence with Diljit’s name for a specific reason… I wanted to talk more about him. Diljit is not a “Hero”, He is not a “star” and probably doesn't need to be one because in my opinion he is the best actor Punjabi Cinema has seen in recent times. He brought the multi layered character of Fateh Singh/Dangar in Jatt and Juliet to life. His screen presence is unbelievable, his confidence is undeniable and his comic timing is impeccable. Diljit has earned more than fans, he has earned respect.

The article looks like Diljit Singh fan mail now (Can’t help it) and no I haven’t forgotten the fact that I am writing a film review. Coming back to Jatt and Juliet, I went into the theatre with a lot of prejudice. I had no expectations and all I prayed for was a few cheap laughs but Jatt and Juliet proved me wrong for what I saw was a well-made film probably better than most main stream Hindi films. I am definitely going to watch the film again.

Anugrah Bohrey is a Vancouver based screenwriter/filmmaker who has scripted the upcoming Jazzy B and Gippy Grewal starrer Best Of Luck. 

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