Jatts in Golmaal (2013)

Status: Released
Release Date: May 24, 2013
Runtime: 130 Minutes
Box Office Verdict: TBA
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Jatts In Golmaal portrays the story of the protagonist (Arya Babbar) wanting to go to Canada by hook or crook and all the confusion and comedy of errors that evolves during his journey. Binnu Dhillon is a don with a heart problem. The doctor recommends him to get a new heart transplant. Binnu Dhillon starts his search for a new heart but is unable to find any healthy donor in his gang. Each and every goon working for him has some sort of a drinking or drug abuse problem. Aarya Babbar, on the other hand is in the need of money to go to Canada. He is a simpleton and somewhat dumb and therefore agrees to sell his heart to Binnu Dhillon without even realizing that it will simply kill him. Jatts in Golmaal is nothing but a very funny portrayal of this Golmaal where Binnu is behind Aarya's heart and Aarya's uncle (Jaswinder Bhalla) and his friend Gurpreet Ghuggi, is trying to save his heart.

Cast and Crew

Banner: HM Music
Language: Punjabi
Genre: Comedy
Producer: Manmohan Singh | Harveen Singh | Harpreet Singh | Jasbir Singh
Director: Ksshitij Chaudhary | R.Raja (Co-Director)
Star Cast: Arya Babbar | Samiksha Singh | Gurpreet Ghuggi | Jaswinder Bhalla | Binnu Dhillon | B N Sharma | Veena Malik (Spl App) | Karamjit Anmol | Sardar Sohi
Cassettes and CD's on: HM Music
Singers: Mika Singh | Roshan Prince | Sukhwinder Singh | Sunidhi Chauhan | Rajbir Dhillon | Manak E | Shahid Mallya
Lyricist: Raj Kakra | Veet Baljit
Music Director: Jatinder Shah
Cinematography: Krishna Ramanan
Story/Writer: Naresh Kathooria

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