Ban removed, Sadda Haq now gets U certification

February 6, 2013

Censor board seems to have awaken finally. After banning Punjabi film 'Sadda Haq' last year, it has not only lifted the ban from the film but now has awarded the film a U (Universal audience) certificate.

Journey of struggle to victory
To celebrate this joy, its crew and cast gave an animate declaration in Chandigarh recently, where Kuljinder Singh Sidhu who's the actor, writer and producer of this film shared his journey of struggle, and finally the joy of victory.

Controversy sells!
The film has been in the limelight since some time now for the controversy surrounding the validity of this ban. Ask Sidhu, if this would benefit the movie and he says, "We have suffered a huge loss of money as well as time in these four months. But I believe this controversy has created a curiosity in the minds of people which will definitely pull the audience to ticket windows.

Odd one out in the season of Comedies?
The team of Sadda Haq is on a high with their victory and purely in the spirit of celebration. But will this fact-based movie be able to fare well amidst the season of comedies? "For the first time, an attempt has been made to work on a hard-hitting subject. This film represents the recent past of Punjab which is the USP of our movie. So far we have got a tremendous response from online audiences and by the jury members and staff of censor board. So, we are indeed keeping our hopes high."

Sadda Haq was written in 2007
Was he ever skeptical about investing in this controversial subject? "I wrote this story in 2007, but at that time I didn't get any takers, even my company refused to invest in it. The project was shelved and we started working on Mini Punjab that featured Gurdas Mann, which failed badly. It was then that I realized that films are meant to be risky and took up this project again," admits Kuljinder.

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