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Album - Daddy Cool Munde Fool (2013)
Music Director - Dr Zeus
Lyricist (s) - Bilal Saeed, Nimma Loharka, Bunty Bains, Afzal Sahir
Singers - Amrinder Gill, Bilal Saeed, Jassi Gill, Dr. Zeus, Amar Noorie, Aman Sarang, Shortie Littelox, Desi Crew, Fateh, Kaur B

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March 21, 2013

My first thoughts on the music of Daddy Cool Munde Fool was another album full of chartbusters due to the reputation of Speed Records and Jatinder Shah. Yes, I initially thought the music is by Jatinder Shah. But, Surprise surprise! The music of Daddy Cool Munde Fool is given by Dr. Zeus, the man who made headlines when he produced "Kangna" at the age of 17 about a decade ago. Now, I have been told for quite some time by friends in the media that Dr Zeus wants to cut into the music scene of Punjabi Cinema but boy that was quick! Now, I'll call my expectation to be huge due to the following associations -

  1. Speed Records (The biggest music company in Punjabi Cinema)
  2. Dr. Zeus (Beats, more beats and ofcourse Kangna still plays around the world)
  3. Amrinder Gill (He's on a personal high after some memorable songs and performances in recent times)
  4. Bilal Saeed (12 Saal fame) makes his singing debut in Punjabi Cinema.

The album opens with a high flying six in "Tauba Tauba" by Bilal Saeed. It has the typical Dr Zeus touch with beats and variation in the music and excellent lyrics by Bilal Saeed. This song will definitely make it to the list of top Punjabi songs of 2013. Chartbuster

"Lagda Na Jee" by Amrinder Gill is a fun youthful song with simple lyrics by Nimma Loharka and great music by Dr Zeus. Interestingly, the song sounds like a remix version even without being one, but the bottom line is that it can have a great shelf life if promoted and used well in the film. Very Good

"Classmate" by Jassi Gill and Amar Noorie is a romantic fun song with lively lyrics by Bunty Bains. Frankly speaking, this song could have turned out to be any other ordinary song even Dr Zeus didn't bring in the beats and Jassi Gill didn't sing it so well. It will be interesting to see how this song is used in the film because it doesn't look a film sountrack. Very Good!

Another version "Classmate (Desi Crew Mix)" sung by Jassi Gill, Kaur B and Desi Crew is a faster version of the original song. Good!

"Rattan Chitian" is a trademark “Dr Zeus and Amrinder Gill" song but with Bilal Saeed instead. It is sad song with lyrics by Bilal Saeed and will find immediate fanfare in the youth. Excellent!

Another version "Rattan Chitian (With Rap)" by Bilal Saeed, Fateh and Dr Zeus is equally good as the original.

"Sohni Lagdi Tun" by Amrinder Gill is an experimental space with a lot of dialogues and background sounds playing in the background. It is a different kind of song both for Amrinder Gill and Punjabi Cinema. There was an era in Punjabi music industry when a lot of UK based music producers (Read - Dj Sanj and Bally Saggo) remixed Punjabi songs with film dialogues, "Sohni Lagdi Tun" follows the same path and delivers a good fun song. Anyways, you don't hear Sholay dialogues in many Punjabi songs, do you?. Lyrics by Nimma Loharka are okay. Overall, Good!

"Pawareh" by Amrinder Gill is the first weak song in the album. Don’t get me wrong but Amrinder Gill isn’t a Gippy Grewal or Diljit Dosanjh and this song proves that once again. It has a very rugged feel to it which doesn't suit the soulful voice of Amrinder Gill. Browny point for the beats though. Strickly Okay!

"Daddy Cool Munde Fool" by Aman Sarang and Shortie Littlelox is a fun track but nothing extraordinary. It should work with the film and during the promotions but nothing beyond that. It does make me feel bad for the amazing music though, the beats are really good but the use of English lyrics in a Punjabi song spoil the fun. Eh? Okay!

"Mashup Daddy Cool" is the officially the first Mashup in Punjabi Cinema after its super success in Bollywood since last few months. Basically, a mashup will have bits of all the songs playing in a single track. It is mixed up really well and a big up to Dr. Zeus for bring something like this to Punjabi Cinema. Very Good!

The OST of "Daddy Cool Munde Fool" will be remembered for the debut of Dr Zeus (Music Direction) and Bilal Saeed (Singing) in Punjabi Cinema. There are songs that don't really qualify as film soundtrack but overall a must buy for Punjabi music lovers.

Rating - ★★★½

Our Pick(s) - Tauba TaubaRattan ChitianLagda Na JeeClassmate, Mashup Daddy Cool

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