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Album - Pooja Kiven Aa (2013)
Music Director - Sachin Ahuja | Dj Bhuvi (Remix)
Lyricist (s) - Sachin Ahuja, Kumar Sunny, Kulwant Garaia, Sanjeev Anand, Deep Mangli, Arjun Arry, Bunty Himmatpuri
Singers - Miss Pooja, Mika Singh, Master Saleem, Kunal Ganjawala, Maninder Manga, Jelly, Sachin Ahuja, Rickie Rix, Mun-e Fame, Nisha

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March 16, 2013

You may love her or hate her but ignoring her is just impossible. Yes, we are talking about Miss Pooja, she has become the most recorded Punjabi female singer of all time. Honestly, Miss Pooja singing in films is not something that I am very eager for so my expectations are always lower, especially after her twin debacle in Channa Sachi Muchi and Miss Panjaban in 2010. However, Music composer Sachin Ahuja has given some charbusters lately and his name certainly raises the bar.

The Album opens with "Peepni", sung by Rickie Rix, which from the word GO has all the elements of a chartbuster. The song has good beats that compliment the lyrics that fun and youthful. I feel a little bad for Sachin Ahuja for giving such a peppy song to a film like Pooja Kiven Aa, which at most would be seen by Punjabi audiences. The song had a wider appeal which could have been targeted at Metro's like Delhi, Mumbai, etc. Chartbuster!

Next up is the title song "Pooja Kiven Aa", sung by Miss Pooja and Mun-E Fame, which is a good composition and will definitely work with the core audience of Miss Pooja - The rural youth. Interestingly, it does degrade the Sharry Mann song "Pooja Kiven Aa", which was the best song of 2012, sadly! Good!

The first two songs make you want to raise your expectations from the album, but it gets you down to disappointment with the third track "Pappi", sung by Miss Pooja. Now, this song will most probably work with Miss Pooja's core audience and with that belt of viewers who like item songs but as a stand alone song, it is degradable to females and will receive flak. One Down!

"Shayad Eh Pyaar" sung by Kunal Ganjawala and Nisha, which arguably is the best song in the album. A light romantic number with auto tune music, doesn't make you feel that you are listening to a Miss Pooja or a Sachin Ahuja album. This is Kunal Ganjawala's second Punjabi song after his debut Saadi Love Story, earlier this year and he is such a blessing for music in Punjabi Cinema. It will also be very interesting to see how this song is picturized in the film. Best!

A remix version of Shayd Eh Pyaar, sung by Rickie Rix, is good too!

"Ludhiyane" by Mika Singh and Sachin Ahuja is another "Jugni" rip off but this time Pooja has replaced Jugni. It is such a terrible waste of Mika Singh. The Song may work well for the promotions of the film though. Two Down!

"Peen Do Ji" by Master Saleem, Sachin Ahuja and Jelly is a good dance song but sadly the entire concept is inspired from Bollywood movie Dabanng's chartbuster song Humko Peeni Hai. However, it should definitely work in the film narrative. Good!

"Duniya Ton Chori" by Miss Pooja and Mun-E-Fame, is a sad song which works really well due to its fast music and catchy lyrics. This is one of the best Miss Pooja song and deserves to be in the list of her best songs. Excellent!

"Kuwaara Kehnde Ne" is yet another average duet song by Miss Pooja and Maninder Manga. This song is a total dud and should have been deleted from the music album. Honestly, it may find audience in some of those Punjabi weddings where Miss Pooja is a rage, but no thank you, Punjabi Cinema doesn't need songs like these. Three Down!

The OST of "Pooja Kiven Aa" succeeds expectations and turns out to be a good one from Sachin Ahuja. The good thing about the album is that despite having Miss Pooja as the main lead in the film, it doesn't turn out to be a Miss Pooja affair. The OST has a chartbuster in Peepni, romantic song in Shayd Eh Pyaar, sad song in Duniya Ton Chori, dance song in Peen Do Ji and a fun song in Pooja Kiven Aa. 

Rating - ★★★

Our Pick(s) - Peepni, Shayd Eh Pyaar, Duniya Ton Chori, Peen Do Ji, Pooja Kiven Aa

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