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Album - Sadda Haq (2013)
Music Director - Jatinder Shah, Jassi Jasraj (Guest Composer
Singers - Raj Kakra, Jassi Jasraj, Lembher Hussainpuri, Manpal Singh, Fateh Sheirgill, Dhriti Saharan, Kamal Khan and Manjeera

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April 2, 2013

Saada Haq has not been promoted as a musical, especially with no singer cum actor playing a role in the film, one doesn't think of the music of Sadda Haq until you realize the names like Jazzy B, Jatinder Shah, Jassi Jasraj and others in the film credits.

The album opens with the title track “Saada Haq” sung powerfully by Manpal Singh. It is one of those powerful songs that will connect with the Punjabi audiences around the world at the first go, if promoted well. The lyrics add wonderfully to the rock music, which again is powerful yet enjoyable. The only flip side is that being a rock song, the song will not have a wider audience. Good!

"Ek Onkar", sung and composed by Jassi Jasraj is a gem of a song but only for a niche audience (Read - Sikhs). It has some strong “in your face” lyrics and over the top (Read - Loud) singing by Jassi Jasraj, which becomes inspirational after some hearing. Considering the film’s subject, the song has a chance to turn out to be a popular song after the film's release. Interestingly, this is another song where Jassi Jasraj proves that he is here to stay! Excellent!

"Dabb De Killi" by Lembher Hussainpuri is the third track in the row which is again only for a niche audience. The lyrics are a little controversial here and may not go too well even with that niche audience. Sadly, over the past years, Lembher Hussainpuri has limited himself to singing bhangra songs which makes this song sound like a Bhangra track which it isn’t, hence not fulfilling the purpose of the song. Okay!

There is a second version "Dabb De Killi (Remix)" by Raj Kakra, that is far better than the original. Anyways, it is always a treat to hear the seasoned singer Raj Kakra singing a song in a Punjabi movie OST. Very Good!

“Himmatan Na Harde” by Fateh Sheirgill is a situational song and sounds like it will be used in the climax or something. Honestly, the song does have an inspirational theme but Fateh Sheirgill’s voice lacks something. The song would have been a bit more popular if sung by someone like Sukhwinder Singh. Okay!

“Dil Musafir” by Dhriti Saharan is the first song in the album which is for the mainstream audience but is strictly okay in terms of composition. The only good thing about the song is the newest singer Dhriti Saharan, an actress, who made her debut in Pure Punjabi last year and soon will be seen in Sadda Haq. She has a lovely voice and I hope she gets to sing some more songs in the future. Okay!

"Naina" by Kamal Khan and Manjeera is a romantic song with a rustic feel. Some lines are singable but nothing extraordinary. Hopefully, if picturized well, the song may look good on screen but is passable on the playlist. Ah!

"Jaago" by Manpal Singh takes the album back to its niche audience. It is an inspirational track and this time the song may have an appeal beyond the niche audience due to its universal theme of "rising". The lyrics are catchy but the treatment of the song makes it a little unusual for people to sing. Very Good!

Note - Jazzy B's Baagi is not included in the CD's. It is out as a Jazzy B single.

Overall, The OST of Sadda Haq is for the Punjabi masses, arguably, one of Jatinder Shah's best music ever. It has some hard hitting songs that may not be chartbusters but it is a welcome change for Punjabi music lovers. Highly Recommended!

Rating - ★★★

Our Pick(s) - Ek Onkar, Dabb De Killi (Remix), Jaago, Saada Haq

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