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Carry On Jatta (2012)
Review by +Sameer Valecha 
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(Originally Published on July 27, 2012. Re-edited and Republished July 5, 2013.)

Carry On Jatta is a romantic comedy that creates comic situations through a series of misunderstandings in order to create a laugh riot comic caper. It is an out and out comedy based on marital affairs.

Advocate Bajwa (Jaswinder Bhalla) stays with his two sons Goldie (Binnu Dhillon) and Jass (Gippy Grewal). While Goldie is married to Preeti and assists his dad, Jass has his own business. Honey (Gurpreet Ghuggi) is Jass’s good friend and good for nothing son of Police Inspector played by B.N. Sharma. Honey’s only aim in life is to get married to a rich girl - Nikki. Jass is smitten by Mahie (Mahie Gill). They both marry their girls secretly (Mahie and Khushboo) and thus the chaos begins. It is for the first time that a film based on "comedy of errors", a sub genre of comedy, is made in mainstream Punjabi Cinema.
 "Comedy of Errors" are in fashion these days in Bollywood and they have been so from a very long time. Kudos to the director Smeep Kang, who in past, has done a few "out and out comedies", for introducing this new sub genre to Punjabi Cinema. In the past, Smeep Kang has played different roles of a director, writer and actor but here he sticks to direction and writing.

As a director/co-writer, Smeep has done a good job for a film where he has so many characters to play with. Though the story was decent and fitted in its part, but it is the well knitted screenplay and hilarious dialogues that make the audiences rolling off their seats throughout. The only glitch in the screenplay was the FIRST ACT, where in the first 35-40 minutes, there were about 5 songs used and the story was not really moving ahead and it all looked unnecessary. No doubt the songs were peppy but I guess after the 3rd song it seemed irritating and I felt like I was watching Gippy Grewal's video songs. Barring that, technically, everything else was handled well by Smeep Kang and his team.

In the acting department, Gippy Grewal has done an okay-ish to good job depending upon the kind of scenes (Good at comedy but OK at romantic scenes). Mahie Gill was competent, keeping in mind that her last Punjabi Film was 5 years back (Mitti Wajjan Mardi). Binnu Dhillon-Jaswinder Bhalla, Ghuggi-B.N. Sharma share good chemistry as son-father duo. Binnu has done an excellent job here and has shown potential for longer roles; Ghuggi seconds him who makes a comeback to mainstream Punjabi Cinema. Jaswinder Bhalla is memorable and continues his winning steak after Jatt and Juliet, Jihne Mera Dil Luteya and Mel Karade Rabba. Rana Ranbir impresses yet again in an otherwise short role. Other supporting cast like Binnu's wife, Khushboo Grewal who played Ghuggi's wife, her father and Karamjit Anmol were good.

Music, which I have repeatedly said, plays a vital role in Punjabi Cinema, is good in Carry On Jatta. Though keeping in mind the standards of Jatinder Shah and Gippy Grewal and their recent success Mirza, I expected a bit more. Some good tracks that I liked are Mar Jawan, Udai Ja Udai Ja, Raula Pai Gaya and Rakhi Karde Kankan Di.

Overall, Carry On Jatta is one of the best comic caper in Punjabi Cinema and lives up to its expectations of providing laughs and gigs. It may not do big business as Jatt and Juliet because of its genre but will be at par with the said film in audiences hearts.

Rating - ★★★★

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