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(Originally Published on July 27, 2012. Re-edited and Republished July 5, 2013.)

Synopsis: Jatt and Juliet 2 tells the romantic as well as funny tale of 2 Police Officers, Shapata Fateh Singh played by Diljit and Shapatan Neeru Bajwa. Fateh, a Punjab Police officer is sent on a secret mission to Canada and there he ends up working with Pooja, a cop from Vancouver police department. Both of them are very different from each other yet very similar to each other. Situations arise and they both fall for each other. However destiny has something else in store for them.

Last year around this time, "Jatt and Juliet" became a cult movie and changed the scenario of Punjabi Cinema as it offered almost everything right - from the good looking stars, brilliant performances, eye catching locales and fine plot. So, when a sequel to such a movie is planned and that too with almost the same team, the expectations of the audience is definitely going to be sky high. Although, Jatt and Juliet 2 is not in league with the prequel as far as content and originality is concerned but still it makes you smile with some brilliant performances, laugh-riot punches and charming chemistry between the lead pair.

One thing which works in favor of the movie is that the plot as well as the story line of the sequel is not an extension to the first one and it is an absolutely different saga that can be savored by even those who have not seen the prequel.

Story/Screenplay/Dialogues: Anurag Singh, along with co-writer Dheeraj Rattan, have tried all the tricks available in the book to write down a laughable script along with a romantic angle attached to it. Just like the first one, the sequel also displays the similar characteristics and traits of the two main protagonists who not only practically disagree on everything but are also complete opposites and poles apart to each other. The first half has light moments to make you laugh aplenty. The interaction between Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa in Vancouver is truly enjoyable and takes the graph of the movie upwards. Diljit's funny antics are commendable and the way he both pokes fun at and later, strengthens the image of ' Punjab Police' in front of all those 'Goras' speaks volumes about this man's ability as an excellent actor. Although, the post interval portion begin on a promising note but things begin to deteriorate in this half when movie starts venturing into the intense, romantic zone which thankfully are savaged by the camaraderie between Diljit and Neeru.

Starcast: Diljit Dosanjh as Fateh is so apt that it would be hard to imagine anyone else who could have essayed this character of being cute, witty, funny and strong willed. He is simply outstanding and delivers an award worthy performance that certainly deserves an ovation. His captivating performance is sure to increase his fan following manifold. In the scenes, where he speaks to to himself looking into the mirror are major highlights of the movie and he truly steals everyone's heart with his heart - touching monologues. Throughout the movie, he takes us into him completely and we not only laugh and cry with him- we take back his emotions and innocence as we exit the movie hall. He is such a natural actor with almost perfect sense of comic timing that helps him deliver punches that hit at the intended spot. Neeru Bajwa is pretty and the only leading lady who could have and as a matter of fact, has managed to sustain herself in the movie despite the powerful character and performance of Diljit. Her effervescent personality infuses Pooja with charm, and her act as a tough cop is a treat to watch. Later, she shows her vulnerable side too which surely earns her some brownie points. Jaswinder Bhalla is excellent as always and raises enough guffaws through his character of being a senior cop to Diljit, though one misses his trademark style of dialogues this time around. Rana Ranbir and B.N. Sharma are repetitive but still give their character a sheen that only good actors like them can. Rana Jung Bahadur is first-rate as a cabbie, Bharti Singh sends us to splits of laughter every time she appears on screen.

Technical Finesse: The immense pressure that director Anurag Singh might have felt while making this sequel can only be fathomed, since the prequel is said to have acted as a catalyst for Punjabi Cinema's second renaissance. Luckily, Anurag Singh succeeds again and on two fronts, he has shot the movie exceedingly well and has also extracted fantastic performances from not just the lead pair but also from every character in the movie. Anurag also should be praised for allowing his characters to evolve in a new setting and not let an easy sense of Deja-Vu set-in, a possibility that every director making a sequel is inevitably faced with. One aspect where he faltered is the climax of the movie as the movie finishes with kind of a hurried and cliched ending. Music by Jatinder Shah is catchy but not that impressive when compared to its prequel. Akhiyaan, two renditions of Naina are soul stirring. Most of the movie has been shot in Vancouver, Canada, and cinematographer Anshul Chaubey has done a decent job, if not brilliant. He has captured some good moments in his camera and has especially utilized some good locales while shooting the songs. Editing by Manish More, the man who has edited some of the most popular Punjabi films in recent times, has done a decent job, but at 137 minutes, he could have removed a few scenes that seem to have been stretched.

Over the TOP: Firstly, the confusion of Bharti Singh being Pooja is dragged a bit too much and looks quite unconvincing. Secondly, antics of Shampy and his Daddy which are supposed to lighten you up also tend to irritate after a certain time frame.

Wow Moments: The poker faced act of Diljit while delivering a lecture to Canadian Police on the effective ways adopted by Punjab Police in Nabbing criminals, is a laugh riot. Also, the scene where Diljit stands in front of a mirror and talks to himself is too hilarious.

On the whole, "Jatt and Juliet 2' has laughter in abundance, with very less emotions moving alongside. However, while the prequel was about extremity of JATT and JULIET, the sequel relies heavily on comic talent of our 'JATT' and charm of our 'JULIET'. It is a kind of movie that you along with your family can go and watch for some light humor based entertainment.

Rating - ★★★1/2

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