Veeran Naal Sardari (2014)

Status: Released
Release Date: January 17, 2014
Runtime: TBD
Box Office Verdict: TBD
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“Veeran Naal Sardari” is a story of brother Jujhar and sister Roop. The twin siblings live with their Maternal Grandmother in a small village. Roop is very brave and intelligent girl whereas Jujhar is a coward and innocent as his childhood was very traumatic. Though he is Physically fit but he cannot fight with anybody due to the events happened in his past. They both go to college. Kamal is a happy go lucky girl who studies with Jujhar and likes him and he always bullies Jujhar. Once when things went out of hand Garry gets arrested by the police. He is later on released with a warning. Inorder to take revenge for his insult Garry abducts Roop and tries to rape her. When she calls Jujhar for help, he hides as he is afraid. Roop saves herself from Garry but she gets soangry on Jujhar that she takes him to Gurudwara and says that she doesn’t need a brother like him and is here to return the gift. On this day their life changes for ever...
This story is based on a ling forgotten folklore of Veera and her brother, adapted in today’s time. It still has the essence of Guru Nanaks blessings to mankind.

Cast and Crew

Banner: Wild Rose Films
Language: Punjabi
Genre: Drama/Romance/Action
Producer: Bharat Bhushan Madaan, Preetpal Shergill
Director: Harinder Gill
Star Cast: Rai Jujhar, Jaspinder Cheema, Sapna Thakur , Harry Ahluwalia, Armaan Kagra, Gurchet Chitrakar, Sukhbir Razia
Cassettes and CD's on:
Singers: Rai Jujhar
Music Director:
Cinematography: Satya Parkash Raat
Art Director:
Story/Writer: Harinder Gill


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