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Sept 20, 2013

Young Malang was launched sometime in April this year with much fanfare. Initially, I was waiting for the film because of its starcast and a powerful business house backing it but from the last few days, my interest in the film couldn't build up, hence I went to the theatre expecting a very average film. Now, the question is, does the film fulfill the expectations, and frankly it depends. If you enter the theatre like I did, you'll be surprised by a lot of things in the film including the acting and technical finesse but if you expect to watch anything better than that you may be disappointed. The lackluster story almost killed the film.

Synopsis: Despite being from very different backgrounds, 6 friends (3 boys and 3 girls) create a friendship. Jaskaran Brar (Balli Riar} is wealthy and short-tempered person who has earned his nickname of Garari Bai. Kashmeer Singh (Vinaypal Buttar) is a Desi Jatt from Bathinda tries to be man of action like his father, earning himself the nickname Ghaint Jatt.

Synopsis included in the media kit is a bit misleading when you watch the film.

Story/Screenplay/Dialogues: Young Malang had three writers - Manshendra, Rajdeep Singh and Ravi but still they couldn't figure out what they wanted to show. The story of the film has no weight and looks like a collage picked up from various sources. Infact, the film doesn't take any forward step until the interval and has just a few scenes where people have been used in scenes as objects rather than characters. Post interval, the film takes a turn but that soon goes into a fast forward route making it an overall below average fare. As written above, the screenplay is borrowed from a bunch of Bollywood films (read 3 Idiots, Dil Chahta Hai, DDKJ) and Punjabi films (read Mel Karade Rabba, Yaar Annmulle). Dialogues are decent though and some of them make you LOL, however, I wish the story had more substance. Average

Acting: Yuvraj Hans is on an upward trend after good performances in Yaar Annmulle, Burrraahh and a recent cameo in Viyah 70 Km. It takes guts to make fun of you and Yuvraj Hans deserves kudos for that. His portrayal of a NRI speaking tootti fotti Punjabi may not go too well with the youth but families will love him. He goes overboard at times but that is fine as long as the film is a comedy. He has potential and can be a future superstar of Punjabi Cinema if he chooses his films wisely. Vinaypal Buttar has made a smashing debut and has immense potential as a comic actor. Because of his age and declining hairline, he may not look too convincing as a lead actor (thanks to the stereotypes in Indian Cinema) but he can definitely survive banking on his excellent comic timing. Balli Riar has the right attitude but lacks the acting skills. He has made his acting debut with this film but doesn't look convincing in majority of the scenes. He should work more on his expressions if he has to make a career in acting. Bollywood actress Anjana Sukhani has done an excellent job and like Yuvraj Hans, she deserves a few extra points just because of the hardwork she has put in to dub her own Punjabi dialogues. She is the best import from Bollywood to Punjabi Cinema in the recent times. Neetu Singh is confident but needs to really lose some weight now (please!). Anita Kailey is ravishing but will need to prove her acting sensibilities in future films. Balwinder Bicky aka Chacha Raunki Ram is in top form. Yograj Singh is competent in whatever he has got but is mostly wasted, same with Harpal Singh and Kiran Kumar, who are seen in just 2-3 scenes. Tej Sapru was okay. Ronnie was decent. Overall, Good

Music: Young Malang has decent music but no chartbuster material. In a time when one Punjabi film is releasing every week, it needs to stand out from the clutter and music plays a huge role. If this film does well, music will have a better shelf life otherwise it will sink along with the film. My pick is the title song, Fakiyan, Hawa Vich Mehkan, Lakk Vich Current. Overall, Decent

Direction and Technical Aspects: Director Rajdeep Singh has been an assistant/associate director for several years and his experience can be seen in the film. Technically, the film will surprise you. It is on par with any Bollywood film. Producer Rahul Inder Singh Sidhu has left no stone unturned in giving the film a grand look and together as a team, producer and director have employed some of the best technicians for the film. Cinematography by ace cinematographer Anshul Choubey (Jatt and Juliet fame) is top notch. Art Direction, Choreography is apt. The only downer here is the background score which is pathetic and out of date. There are a few editing and continuity errors that can be neglected. Overall, Very Good!

Watch Young Malang for the Bollywood like production values, excellent technicalities and performances by its lead actors Yuvraj Hans, Vinaypal Buttar and Anjana Sukhani. I wish the film also carried a story to make it a wholesome entertainer. Also watch it if you have nothing else to do this weekend and you like to support Punjabi Cinema!

Rating - ★★★
(Extra ★ for matching Technical standard)

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