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Oct 26, 2013

First things first, Ishq Garaari comes at a time when it faces three major challenges -
1.) Too many below average Punjabi movies have released in the recent past hence keeping the public somewhat away from theatres.
2.) Media and select audience's outrage against comedies in Punjabi Cinema.
3.) Pre-Diwali period, that is usually a lull because of the countless other entertainment and shopping experiences that keep the general public busy.

Keeping all of the above aside, the question is... does Ishq Garaari work? Yes for some, and "are you kidding me" for the rest. Ishq Garaari is a film that falls into the category of either you like it or you hate it. Like most, I found it to be a decent entertainer which may find its audience in the fans of Sharry Mann, college going students who like to watch movies and most importantly the die-hard Punjabi Cinema lovers who don't miss out even a single movie.

Synopsis: Sharry is a village lad who is poet at heart. His poetry is earthy and he sees love in the most conventional way. But his tragedy is that no one understands his writing and considers him a sellable poet and singer. For this reason whichever music company he has approached has rejected him along with his own family and so Sharry had started living with his friend Boondi outside the village in a small shed. The girl he loves never understands a word of his poetry and wants Sharry to join her father’s tempo business and marry her. Sharry also gets caught up in money matters as Makhan Singh (Chacha Raunaki Ram) demands 70 lacs if Sharry refuses to join his business.

Story/Screenplay/Dialogues: Dheeraj Rattan, the writer, (having written several blockbuster movies of Punjabi Cinema) needs no introduction, but shockingly here he has come up with a story that has absolutely no substance. The plot is completely a no-brainer making it really difficult for the story to be relatable to the viewer. Spoiler Alert - I can't come to terms with an auto rickshaw (Tempu) business owner having 70 lacs in his house for 3-4 days without even checking it once. Infact, I'd call it a missed opportunity where in if he had avoided such a blunder, a brilliant ensemble film could have been made today. Since the foundation (Story) is so weak, the pillars are not usually strong and this is where I was surprised. Despite not having a solid story, the screenplay was knitted well by Dheeraj Rattan. Dialogues by Jass Grewal, Mukesh Vohra and Jatainder Singh deserve a mention here. Overall, Average

Acting: Ishq Garaari should be regarded as Sharry Mann's debut film for the sheer interest that he has taken in his character, which I though was basically a screen adaption of his own-self. He is charming as an aspiring singer and writer who has a very unique connect with his audience which only Babbu Mann has had in the recent past. Whenever Sharry Mann was on screen, the audience in the theatre was whistling, hooting, screaming and what not! Mandy Takhar has really grown as an actor in Ishq Garaari, she has always looked beautiful but with her found expressions, she can also act well now. Miss Pooja is competent and has given her best performance till date. Rannvijay and Gulzar Chahal are okay but this film may not take their career anywhere. Vinaypal Buttar is as amazing as he was in his recently released debut film Young Malang, this guy certainly has a future in Punjabi Cinema. Gunjan Walia looks beautiful and that's about it. Prabhleen Sandhu is okay. Balwinder Bicky (Chacha Raunky Ram) is such a talent and it's always great to see him. Mukesh Vohra is the scene stealer with his epic comic timing and expressions. A special appearance by a leading singer deserves an applaud, I just can't wait to see him in a full fledged role. Overall, Very Good.

Music: Sharry Mann is a singer who is blessed with a wonderful voice and he does justice to all the three songs that he has sung and written in the film - Koi Ishq, Meri Zindagi, Kudiye Chidiye. Yo Yo Honey Singh's Khalaara and RDB's Jack Jatt Da are good too. Overall, the album has a got mix of romantic, sad, bhangra, party and comic numbers. Very Good

Direction and Technical Aspects: Dheeraj Rattan, the director returns back after the debacle of Saadi Love Story and has proved that he can direct well. As written above, Ishq Garaari has a very thin plot and making that plot into a decent entertainer needs a lot of thinking and work. Songs are shot very well and production values are top notch. I would particularly like to mention the costumes designer. On the flipside, the editing and cinematography could have been way better. Overall, Good

Ishq Garaari is a decent entertainer that rests on the shoulders of Sharry Mann despite boosting of an ensemble cast. Watch it for him, the songs and overall feel of an ensemble cast in Punjabi Cinema.

Rating - ★★★

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