Top 5 news associated with Patiala Dreamz

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Oct 14, 2013

Patiala Dreamz, an upcoming romantic thriller is making a lot of news and all for the right reasons

Here's the top 5 news associated with the film -
1.) Moster (Digital Motion Poster) - Patiala Dreamz became the first Punjabi film to have a digital motion poster which the makers released on the festive day of Dusehra.

What is a Moster?
A Moster, or motion poster, is a high resolution animation of a film poster

Patiala Dreamz Motion Poster

2.) Not a Comedy/No Singer-Actors - Patiala Dreamz is not a comedy. Relieved? Here's a second one - it doesn't even star any singler/actors in lead. Patiala Dreamz is a Romantic Thriller but has other Bollywood like elements.

Read the synopsis of the film here

3.) Dynamic Producer - Anmol Kapoor, the producer of Patiala Dreamz is basically a well renowned Cardiologist and Community/Social worker in Canada. All the proceeds from the film whatsoever will go towards his various social causes including Dilwalk Foundation.
Dr. Kapoor during a recent convocation ceremony.

4.) Trailer with Krrish 3 - Patiala Dreamz's trailer will be coming out with India's most awaited film Krrish 3, making it the first Punjabi film to have such a wide audience for a theatrical trailer.

5.) Top Notch Social Media Campaign - How many Punjabi films on Facebook have had 166k fans 3 months before release? Infact with no major singer playing a lead, this is a no mean feat. Kudos to the marketing agency that is handling this campaign.

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