10 Best Punjabi Films of 2013 - (Cine Punjab Series)

10 Best Punjabi Films of 2013
Cine Punjab Exclusive
December 31, 2013

In the second part of Cine Punjab Series "Best Of Punjabi Cinema 2013", we bring you an article on the 10 Best Punjabi Films of 2013.

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10. Bhaji In Problem

Bhaji In Problem somehow didn't live up to expectation of the trade but it worked well with whoever saw the film. It was way better than Lucky Di Unlucky Story but wasn't anywhere close to Gippy-Smeep's Carry On Jatta.

Watch it for being one of the better comedies this year, for some very hilarious moments, for its lead stars - Gurpreet Ghuggi and Gippy Grewal, and for Akshay Kumar's cameo. Watchable with family.

9. Jatt Boyz Putt Jattan De

Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De gets us back to the 80's and 90's where Punjabi Cinema was about Jatt and Jattizm (or whatever it was). It went really overboard in late 90's which led to the death of Punjabi Cinema but here in 2013, it is a welcome change from the mindless comedy craps that we had to face. 

Watch it if you want to watch half a dozen veteran actors in a single film that reminds you of your roots. It's a complete family movie except the two unwanted songs.

8. Ronde Saare Vyah Picho

Ronde Saare Vyah Picho (R.S.V.P.) is a very bollywood(ish) film for Punjabi Cinema. Infact, it had a female lead overshadowing the male and why not! Neeru Bajwa as a con-artist succeeded in this intriguing film that offers much more than good acting, excellent scenic beauty of Punjab, positive music and a fresh take on rom-coms in Punjab (which unfortunately sidelines more in Comedy instead of Romance)

Watch it for Neeru Bajwa and Harish Verma's chemistry. A family movie nonetheless.

7. Singh Vs. Kaur

One of the year's first hit, Singh Vs Kaur is a full-on masala entertainer with good performances, music and south-indian styled action (a first for Punjabi Cinema). It is one of those films in recent years that were complete entertainers. It has romance, comedy, family drama, action and music.

Watch it for Gippy Grewal, Surveen Chawla, Binnu Dhillon and the action. Watchable with Family!

6. Sikander

When Jatinder Mauhar, the director of 2010's critically acclaimed film Mitti announced his next film "Sirsa" with Gul Panag in the lead, everyone was so thrilled and waited for it. But what came out just few weeks before the release was the Sirsa was now Sikander and director Jatinder Mauhar wasn't happy with the way producers were going against his vision. He officially decided to let the film go. Nevertheless, Sikander came as a different stroke for different folks. It is one of the darkest films of Punjabi Cinema, something in the space of Ram Gopal Verma's classic films. 

Watch Sikander for Gul Panag, an exceptional story line, Yaad Grewal, Kartar Cheema and others. Not watchable with Family because of some verbal/visual violence.

5. Nabar

A film that has won the prestigious National Award for Best Punjabi Film in 2012 should automatically be added in any Best film lists and so rightly, Nabar deserves to be here. It is one of the most emotionally draining experiences of watching a motion picture. There is tragedy, there is denial and there is pain. Unfortunately, the film was tried to be sold on a singer's name who is just seen in an extended cameo. 

Watch this film for its superb story and storytelling, thrill factor and super performances by Hardeep Gill and others. Highly recommended to be watched with Family.

4. Stupid 7

Another film that was sidelines when it released in February this year was Stupid 7. What a marvellous effort by these young kids and their director Pali Bhupinder Singh. Stupid 7 is adapted from a theatrical play and carries the kind of sensibilities that theatrical plays have. It has good performances by all the seven kids, very good storyline, and superb handling of the subject. Stupid 7 is one of those rare films that doesn't really deal with a particular issue/concept but still should be seen as a concept film. 

Highly recommended!

3. Sadda Haq

Just speaking from a film stand point of view, Sadda Haq has several merits to itself. It is one of the better Punjabi films in the recent decade with a tight screenplay, super performances, more than good music and decent production values. Short in a limited budget, Sadda Haq does carry few glitches but they can be avoided mainly because of its heavy content.

Watch it if you want to know what happened in Punjab once. Highly recommended!

2. Haani

Harbhajana Mann was the reigning superstar of the 2000's when he worked with Manmohan Singh in several blockbuster hits. Soon, when they parted ways (for unknown reasons), Harbhajan Mann has tried to experiment with different concepts - Jag Jeondeyan De Mele (Re-incarnantion), Heer-Ranjha (Historical), Yaara O Dildaara (Family Drama) and now Haani (Epic Romance). Unfortunately, except Jag Jeondeyan De Mele, none of his films worked at the box office but Haani is the standout film here.

Haani could have been the best Punjabi film ever if the makers avoided a few minor jitters in the film. Nevertheless, the film is a must-watch! Highly recommended!

1. Jatt and Juliet 2

Jatt and Juliet changed a lot of things for Punjabi Cinema. Just in terms of business, Jatt and Juliet was the first Punjabi film to make over 30 Cr worldwide gross. It made Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa the superstars they are today. So when the sequel of the film was announced, there was tremendous expectations and buzz. And kudos to the entire team (Director Anurag Singh, Producers, Actors), Jatt and Juliet 2 is at par with its prequel if not more.

Jatt and Juliet 2 is easily the best Punjabi film of 2013 because of its content, performances, music, direction and production values. Recommended!

There were some other films that were way better than the rest but since we wanted to keep it a 10 Best list, we couldn't include them. They are Lucky Di Unlucky Story, Ishq Garaari, Daddy Cool Munde Fool, Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22, Jatts In Golmaal, Heer and Hero, Young Malang and Saadi Love Story.

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