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February 22, 2014

Punjabi Cinema hasn't seen a single clean hit in the last 6 months and everyone has more than one reason for Ishq Brandy to finish that lean period. It's got the production values, a hit director, good starcast and music. I remember the launch of the film last year where it was said to be based on adventure sports and have some never seen before water sports activities. Now, that is exciting!

But if I have to sum-up the film is one line, it'll be... Ishq Brandy, the film isn't the perfect cocktail but it does taste well if you leave your brains home.

Synopsis: Ishq Brandy is a masala potboiler which narrates a story of three friends who have a tag line "if you are my friend, I don't need an enemy"... Teji, Gura and Pritam from three different worlds, bound by their respective Ishq, do something under the spell of Brandy that they unknowingly put their Ishq(s) at stake and what follow are rib-tickling sequences which decide their fate .
("Masala Potboiler" Huh? Trying to give it a different name doesn't make it anything more that a comedy)

Story/Screenplay/Dialogues: Ishq Brandy's solo writer Rupinder Inderjit seems to have taken inspiration from various Bollywood/Hollywood movies (has almost become a must in Punjabi Films, Sigh!). Adding south indian characters is fun but a backstory picturization would have been funnier. Also integrating social media site Facebook is a very novel idea, I am not saying it is the first film to use it but it definitely is the first Punjabi film to have actually used it into the narrative flawlessly. Somehow the film after a good build up looses the track in second half and a prolonged climax makes it hard to watch and ends up giving it an anti-climax. Dialogues could have been better too. Overall, Decent!

Acting: Roshan Prince has been on a roll finally. He has got the talent but lacks the right nurturing that is needed to be the next big thing. His comic timing has improved a lot. Alfaaz really needs to work on his physique and also on his expressions. He has definitely improved since his last film, the dud "Jatt Airways". Binnu Dhillon is back after a hiatus (his last release was Naughty Jatts that released 6 months ago). As always, his acting is good and many people may be surprised looking at his shirt-less avatar (Next male lead in the making, maybe?). As said above, Dialogues could have been better and you feel that even more when you hear and see Binnu Dhillon giving you a feeling of deja-vu with his dialogues. Amongst the girls, Wamiqa Gabbi is the show-stealer, she is in terrific form after her debut last year and following it up with a Bollywood film, hope to see her more on screen. Japji Khaira is loveable but could have been used a bit more. Newcomer Shobita Rana is okay but she hardly has a role. In terms of supporting roles, B N Sharma has an interesting character, Karamjit Anmol is good too. Shivendra Mahal and Avtar Gill are wasted. Overall, Good!

Music: Music of the film is good as expected but isn't promoted so well. Tracks like Gypsy, Chakma Jatt, Hajj and Kaash standout. Makers tried to sell the music as a Yo Yo Honey Singh film but he has just one song and majority of the music is composed by Sachh with an additional remix song by Desi Routz. Overall, Very Good!

Direction and Technical Aspects: Director Amit Prasher made a successful debut with Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22 last year which was a very well made film and follows up with a somewhat good film. I feel he should have opted for a better star cast and also included some more shots of Mauritius. I mean.. come on, you have got the perfect location but end up shooting indoor resorts and hotels. Go out there and shoot some picturistic locations. Coming to the technicalities, Ishq Brandy has good production values, but it has continuity and camera jerks, bad quality video at more than one occasion. Choreography is good, especially Daddy Da Jamai and Kaash. Overall, Good!

Ishq Brandy is in the league of "leave your brain home" films. Despite a loose second half and an anti-climax, it is enjoyable majorly due to its stars Roshan Prince, Binnu Dhillon and Wamiqa Gabbi. One-time watch at least!

Rating - ★★½

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