Movie Review: Jatt James Bond

Review by Sameer Valecha
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April 25, 2014

Not for a film but a journey called "JATT JAMES BOND", what are the two things that make the world go around? Love And Money. Well ! They should be in exactly The same order - Love Comes First , Money Follows ...

Whether it is the Love for your partner, companion, your family, or for your Friends... Man can go to any extent to achieve that love. This is the Crux of JATT JAMES BOND. It's The Story of a Village Simpleton Shinda ( Gippy Grewal) who is a school bus driver in love with The local bank manager's sister Lalli ( Zareen Khan). There is a Class difference between both , they Know their Love is a taboo... They will Never be able to get married unless Shinda manages to buy a House of his own Atleast.

Jatt James Bond, right from its inception days was expected to be different from what is going on these days in Punjabi Cinema – Comedy! And yes it’s completely different with the basic difference being that this film actually has a story unlike many films, which have been Blockbusters in Punjabi Cinema.

Jatt James Bond as I wrote has an actual plot and it is interesting. Jass Grewal has written the story and Jatinder Lall has penned the dialogues and written the screenplay alongside Jass Grewal. The story of the film is interesting and gripping. It has something completely new and fresh to offer. However, it’s the screenplay, which is a bit patchy in parts in the 2nd half and towards the beginning where it takes about 35 to 40 minutes for the actual plot to begin. The dialogues here are a winner. They are kept simple and have a village feel with them.

Rohit Jugraj as a director has always been right on the money. People who have seen Superstar would know his caliber. However, it was his debut in Punjabi Cinema and his 1st outing has been pretty impressive. He knows what he wants out of his team and gets the best out of them be it the cast or the crew.

4 music directors coming together have composed the Music for Jatt James Bond. Their collaboration seems to have worked since I feel this is one of the complete and best albums of recent times in terms of music. Tracks like Mohabbat, Rog Pyar De, Jatt Dian Tauran, Chandi Di Dabbi and Tera Mera Saath are all perfect and good to hear.

Coming to the performances, this is by far Gippy Grewal’s best performance out of the 9 films, which he’s done so far. He perfectly fitted the character and seems to have done everything right in this performance. Next in line is Gurpreet Ghuggi, who came in as a surprise to me and I am sure many others. This time he not only has made us laugh but has also got to act, which I have not seen before. This was Yashpal Sharma’s 1st Punjabi film and he’s not a Punjabi. But still he delivers his best and it came out right.

Mukesh Rishi and Shabaz Khan have also done decent jobs when it came to acting. All these names are professional actors and can act in any given situation. Sardar Sohi, Vindu Dara Singh and Avtar Gill did not have much to do but they still deliver their best. Ditto for Karamjit Anmol. Zarine Khan, who makes her debut in Punjabi Cinema, has been wasted. She lacks acting skills right from Veer and Housefull 2 days and no wonder she hasn’t improved at all.

Final Say: Jatt James Bond is thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable. However, had the Screenplay been crispier, it would have worked out wonders for the film. No doubt it’s still a fine film backed by some powerful performances, melodious music and to add to it is some good direction.

Rating - ★★★★

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