When Jazzy B had a miraculous escape from Death...

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April 5, 2014
Jazzy B and Garry Sandhu during filming Pic 1
Jazzy B is getting younger and younger, the Punjabi pop star turned 38 this week (April 1) but age is just a number for this legendary singer. After making his acting debut last year, Jazzy B is coming back with a film titled Romeo Ranjha and has performed some never seen before action stunts in the same. It was during one of these scenes when he met with a life threatening accident.

Jazzy B along with his co-star Garry Sandhu were on a jet ski on Pattaya Beach, Bangkok, when it capsized leaving both of them in the water. As the safety measures were in check, crew members went into rescuing both the actors. It left Jazzy B unconscious for almost 30 minutes, however, Garry Sandhu escaped with minor cuts. 

According to Gunbir Sidhu, film producer, this incident happened in January this year but Jazzy B had requested to stay mum because he thought the news would worry his family, especially his children. Although he suffered major injuries, he wanted them to stay quiet."

Jazzy B and Garry Sandhu during filming Pic 2
He never witnessed such a sight in his life. He felt as if he left his body and saw his whole life flashing before his eyes. All this while, Jazzy B was thinking about his family and the urge to live.

Jazzy B and Garry Sandhu during filming Pic 3
Infact Jazzy B adds, "I felt a white light, probably death, probably god - pulling me from above. Honestly, for a few seconds, I felt and believed that I died"

Romeo Ranjha which was earlier titled Rambo Ranjha is Punjabi Cinema's first ever action thriller and will showcase never seen before action for Punjabi films. Dhoom action director Allan Amin has been behind the stunts and Maverick filmmaker Navaniat Singh has handled the directorial reigns.

Jazzy B and Garry Sandhu during filming Pic 4

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